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The most efficient way to convincing a drug addict to go into rehab (drug rehabilitation treatment programs) is to host an intervention. You might be worried about a close friend in your life; somebody who’s drastically changed as a result of a drug or alcohol habit, and an intervention rehab program may be the right place to start getting him or her help. Watching an addict struggle in pain can also be an excruciating process, particularly if you two are close. It’s possible you may be asking, “How can I help my family member get healthy again?” and “What will my role be in getting my friend sober?” Friends and family members care deeply for the drug addict suffering from substance dependency. Eventually, it wears them down to the bone and they start saying ‘no’ all of the time. You can’t be frightened of crucial confrontation: self-doubt can’t prevent you from taking the right course of action. Call today for us to help get the intervention started.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is an eye-opening experience that is highly efficient. It seeks to convince the addict to go into a rehabilitation center. There they will treat their problems with drug addiction. Family, friends, clergy, mentors, or other people who care about the addict gather around to talk with the addict about the terrible ramifications of their drug addiction. Everyone urges him or her to agree to treatment for his or her drug abuse. Most often the addict will not understand there’s a drug issue. While in denial regarding the problem, oftentimes they’re refuse to seek help. The main objective of our program is basically to give the addict another chance at making positive changes in his or her life, and potentially save the troubled individual.

Generally there are four different kinds of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • Crisis intervention is for use in hazardous and dicey situations, like reckless driving, domestic violence, or extreme drug abuse.
  • All family members are the central point in a family system intervention. Since socially dysfunctional living environments develop into situations of drug addiction and family violence, it’s vital that everyone involved agrees to stop their hurtful behaviors.
  • A simple intervention is ‘simply’ just asking the person to quit his or her self-destructive drug behavior. Before other, more difficult intervention techniques are used, a simple intervention should be pursued.
  • The purpose of a classical intervention is to direct the discourse onto a particular person in an effort to get him or her to agree on drug rehab immediately.

During an intervention it is essential to discuss these points:

  • explicit examples of unhealthy-drug-induced behavior and how it has terribly influenced the addict and his or her family members
  • the therapy plan along with concrete goals and clear guidelines that the addict must follow
  • what each participant will do if the addict will not complete a rehabilitation treatment of some kind

 What’s the Difference Between Intervention and Rehabilitation?

Though both set pieces are necessary for the recovery process, it is crucial to keep in mind that there’s a difference between an intervention and drug rehab therapy. Intervention Services Program considers intervention a process where friends and family persuade a family member, close friend, or loved one to enter a drug rehab treatment facility. At the center, they can overcome their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Rehab is one of the best ways to get an addict to quit using drugs or alcohol, and an intervention is NOT rehab, but a way of getting the addict into rehab. At rehab facilities like detox drug, the addict is initially taught about the disease of drug and alcohol dependency, secondly how they can preserve long term recovery, and finally what their drug triggers are. Intervention earnestly suggests following up an intervention immediately with enrollment in a rehab program, ideally on the same day.

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It’s a troubling or shocking experience to watch a friend go through drug addiction. Many times, an intervention is an intense, planned-out event because of the combined efforts of family and friends. Rarely, it can be as simple as asking the person to quit their drug habits. In order to talk to an interventionist, secure a rehabilitation center, or learn about substance addiction in general, call Addiction Treatment Services. If you or someone you love is in the Dallas, TX area, and are in need of inpatient rehab give us a call 469-202-4096 now!