Treatment Program in the Dallas, Texas Area

Our treatment center helps people break free of drug abuse by giving them the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives. Many of the addicts dealing with drug dependency suffer through emotional, physical, financial, and professional hardships. Our approach to treatment assists people with reaching their goals of sobriety and stability so that they don’t have to live through these struggles any longer.

Although not crucial in all circumstances, detox programs and intervention alcohol program is available to those that need it. Each patient has access to:

  • personalized addiction treatment programs
  • group and individual counseling
  • wholesome diversions and physical activities
  • comfortable living accommodations
  • twenty-four-hour supervision and care

Effective Rehab Programs

There are plenty of alternative ways to address drug abuse; however studies show that most psychologists and mental health care professionals agree on a few stable principles regarding how to make rehab the most efficient. The most important thing to remember is that no one therapy program will work the same way for two different people. Even if they are addicted to the same drug, each individual patient needs their own personal rehab treatment plan. Treatment plans should consider a person’s legal, medical, psychological, job-related, or social history when developing a custom treatment plan for rehab. An efficient treatment plan usually requires accurate examination and observation of the patient and should be regularly adjusted and modified when necessary to fulfill the client’s changing needs.

The sorts of therapies used throughout rehabilitation vary, but the most common are typically combinations of:

  • group and/or individual therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • medical services
  • family counseling
  • parenting instruction
  • vocational instruction
  • behavioral therapies

What Types of Treatment Are Available?

Depending on the individual’s requirements, different levels of rehab are available. Occasionally, an addict who has been clean and sober for many years can relapse, and the amount of rehab they’ll need will be different from a person who has been continuously using for a long time. The best options for treatment include:

  • Inpatient treatment- which combines detox and rehab services in the same location; in most cases at a hospital or a clinic. As inpatient treatment becomes less common, these facilities become more focused on providing medically supervised detoxification. Treatment programs centers provide detoxification services in a variety of locations, but clients are encouraged to proceed directly to a treatment center for the most effective recovery results.
  • Outpatient treatment- which is offered at health clinics, counselor’s offices, community health clinics, or in residential programs with outpatient services. A patient at an outpatient care facility typically lives at home and commutes to obtain treatment at the rehab facility.
  • Alcohol Treatment Center Frisco, TX provides residential treatment, which is a mixture of inpatient and outpatient treatment. Clients are transported to treatment and daily support meetings, all the while living in comfortable, residential homes. With this option the hope is that when clients finish treatment they’ve relearned the way to behave in society, and are able to withstand the pressures and temptations of life.

Let Recovery Help Rehab Center Help

With the help of specialists and support from family and friends recovery is possible, even when the addict believes that drug and/or alcohol abuse is their only alternative. Drug Recovery Center offers programs for all types of drug abuse, and treatment can help those that have additional mental or emotional problems as well.  If you or someone you love is in the Dallas, TX area, and are in need of inpatient rehab give us a call at 469-202-4096 call today!